Flavoured Oils

1-olii_aromatizzatiEven if the supply of similar products is quite broad, we believe that the quality of our flavoured oils is considerably higher than what you could find on the market. Indeed, lemons, peppers, oranges and rosemary are directly pressed with together with olives during the produciton process of extra virgin olive oil. Our organic flavoured oils embody the original fragrance of the raw materials we utilise.





Chili pepper. Great on the traditional “pasta, garlic, oil and hot pepper“, is extraordinarily versatile and can be paired with any dish (according to taste). But do not overdo it: is really spicy!

Lemon. It perfectly pairs with white meat, grilled and salad (as a substitute for vinegar).

Citrus fruits. It goes well with smoked salmon and beef tartare tuna and swordfish.

Rosemary. It perfectly couples with grilled red meat.

Sicilia herbs.   Sage, rosemary, bay leaves, thyme.

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