Company – About us

Established as an intellectual and entrepreneurial project by the Tortorici-Messina family, the Serra di Mezzo farm complex is comprised of an agricultural area of around thirty hectares (75 acres) in the territory of Pietraperzia, central Sicily. The production of extra virgin olive oil is the company’s principal activity.

The farm obtained the organic certification in 1997 (from the Mediterranean Institute of Certification), and uses cutting-edge production techniques. The harvesting of the olives takes place in October/November.After having been harvested, the olives are transported to the our privately owned mill in small plastic crates which ensure that the fruit does not get damaged in transit. The milling process entails cold pressing within 24 hours of collection in order to retain the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit.

Our reference market has been the one of high-end catering and haute cuisine. However, we are trying to focus on individuals and families who share our desire to eat and drink well. Our products would be perfect for those who are in the constant search for authenticity and transparency. Our mission – a term much in vogue among economists – is to satisfy our customers and to let them play an active role in our dietary and environmental education project. We also seek to provide high-quality services that are both competitive and efficient.

We launched the Single Variety project in 2008. There are many reasons that led us to a differentiation of oils in accordance with their particular features. However, we can identify a sort of primary reason, a basic principle: The desire to allow as many people as possible to know and appreciate the typical indigenous varieties of Central Sicily.

Our properties are part of a historical setting of considerable archaeological significance. Our parcels are all located within the territory of Pietraperzia (in the Serra di Mezzo, Petri Fucili, Marano, and Rancitito districts). Central Sicily is a crossroads of peoples and cultures, a place of ancient traditions characterized by culinary customs envied the world over, and by an instantaneous and sincere hospitality. Oils, almonds and pistachios are an integral part of this framework, and are essential elements in many dishes.Characteristic of the area’s terrain is its extraordinary geomorphological diversity. After just a few kilometres, limestone turns to arenas of red rock, then virtually sand, and crumbly earth (or “terra Puntara” – dialect expression for an outcropping of large rocks that tend to hinder the cultivation and harvesting of any fruit).


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